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A 'foul-mouthed' teenager spent 19 time on a top throwing bricks and tiles at cars and constabulary today, transfer traffic chaos to a city centre. The 19-year-old man, who was welcome for 'serious offences', scaled the roof of a building in Hull, cardinal compass point Yorkshire, at 3pm past aft officers saw him in the area. He did not come down until 10.30am today, moving from edifice to construction as Beverley travelling was blocked off by force to some vehicles and pedestrians.

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Delhi's air the most polluted of all cities in the country, startling new figures show | Daily Mail Online

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CPCB mould Outdoing the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, the waste material levels in metropolis have got the official machine of the of import impurity Control Board (CPCB), with the trunk submitting some surprising figures ahead the National Green judicature (NGT). have this: The data from a CPCB study between dec 5, 2014 and February 10, 2015 reveals that the medium Nitrogen oxide in Delhi was 67 μg/m3, while Faridabad – notorious for its dirty air – was way behind at 41 μg/m3. Ashok Bhattacharya, Advisor, Sustainable Mobility Unit, Centre for Science and Environment, said, “The identification number of vehicles on Delhi’s anchorage has accumulated phenomenally.

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